You are about to run a Practice Test.
Your Reference ID is 3B96D68FF99F - Please make a note of your Reference ID so that you can check your results.
We wish you success!

You are about to start a sample BEBRAS Competition that will familiarize you with the competition environment and the style of questions. Please note the following:
  • You will have to choose the language in which the competition questions and answers will be displayed.
    • Your options are the Greek and English language.
    • Once you select the language and you start the competition, you CAN NOT change the language.
  • Τhe questions are displayed sequentially.
    • The question number appears to the right of your screen
  • The Questions' Panel   
    • 1: Current Question 2: Unanswered Question  3: Skipped Question
    • 5: Answered Question
  • Navigation amongst the competition questions:
    • Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of your screen. 
    •  Skip a question using the SKIP button.
      • If you give an answer and you skip the question, your answer is saved but the question is considered as skipped. Thus, it will take zero marks.
    • Go to the previous question using the PREVIOUS button.
    • Submit your answer using the SAVE and VIEW NEXT button.
    • Go to a specific question by pressing on its number.
  • The Finish Competition button:
    • Will appear when you visit all questions.
    • You will then have the chance to revisit any questions you want.
  • Marking
    • Only questions that have been saved are marked.
    • Correct answers carry positive marks. Wrong answers are marked negatively. Skipped questions are marked with zero marks.
  • Timer
    • You can see a timer at the top right of your screen.
    • WARNING: If you leave/exit the browser after you begin the competition, the timer continues to count.
    • Notifications about the end of the competition will be given at 10, 5 and 1 minutes before the time expires.